Coach Training

Enhance Organizational Culture and Leadership Skills on your campus


Tailored for Diverse Leadership Roles

The training was thoroughly designed to be the perfect fit for various roles that require leadership, guidance, and mentoring skills, including peer coaches, faculty, staff and student leaders.


Self-paced and Online

Participants are offered the convenience of learning anywhere and anytime, easily fitting into their busy schedules.


Approved Training

Approved for Continuing Education Credit by National Board of Health and Wellness Coaching

Enhance Organizational Culture and Leadership Skills: Transformative Peer Support and Coach Training

This comprehensive 12-hour training course is designed to empower peer coaches, key faculty members, and dedicated staff within your institution to acquire essential skills that encourage, inspire, and support growth and change. The program also serves as an excellent resource to enhance your existing peer support initiatives by upskilling the current participants with the latest coaching techniques, while providing a uniform training experience.

Learning Objectives:

Gain an appreciation for the role of a Coach

Learn and practice coaching techniques, skills, and frameworks

Learn about motivation, rewards, and recognition and how to maximize the value of each

Gain knowledge about the nervous system and how it contributes to well-being

Learn about the stages of change and coaching strategies to meet people where they are

Learn coaching ethics, scope of practice, and the steps to holding an effective coaching session

Increase awareness of personal boundaries and cultural/ personal differences that influence them

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Lasting Impact

By the end of this transformative training, participants will emerge as confident and knowledgeable change agents, equipped with the necessary tools to help students navigate challenges, set meaningful goals, and achieve their aspirations. This training will contribute to developing a more nurturing and focused educational environment, ultimately benefiting the entire school community.

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