Who We Are

Our Story

Trula, born out of a shared vision to address the pressing issue of mental health on college campuses, traces its roots to the inspirational legacy of Lindsay Atwood. A prominent business leader in Utah, a dedicated philanthropist, and a trusted member of the Board of Trustees at Utah Tech University (formerly Dixie State University), Lindsay's passion for creating positive change was deeply personal.

The catalyst for Trula's inception occurred during a poignant lunch meeting between Lindsay and the President of Utah Tech. A fateful phone call informed them of a student's tragic suicide, unleashing a profound impact on Lindsay, who had already lost both of his brothers to suicide. Motivated by a sense of urgency, Lindsay reached out to his nephew, Jeremiah Riley, expressing the shared sentiment, "We need to do something! We are losing students to suicide on campuses despite the abundance of people and resources available to help."

Pooling their collective expertise, Lindsay, Jeremiah, and Rick Atkin embarked on a journey to devise a comprehensive solution that would effectively channel resources on college campuses to support students when they needed it most. The result of their collaboration was the birth of Trula, an organization in Utah laser-focused on identifying and training students to be peer supports for their fellow students.

Lindsay's fervent belief in the cause prompted him to contribute $1 million of his personal funds, establishing a scholarship endowment to recognize and reward students volunteering as supports. In collaboration with Rick and Jeremiah, Trula partnered with the Utah System of Higher Education to bring the support program to life, known as TrulaCampus™. Officially established on October 9, 2019, Trula began running TrulaCampus™ operations on July 1, 2020.

Our unwavering passion lies in empowering students to cultivate confidence and resilience as they navigate their individual journeys toward meaningful goals. At Trula, we are committed to fostering a supportive environment that enables students to unlock their potential and build lasting connections on their path to personal growth.

Our Purpose

Embrace the Unknown
We are igniting a movement where people are empowered to discover themselves and thrive

Our Mission

Empowering every student with a positive, whole health experience that fosters personal ownership of their well-being. By revolutionizing mental health, we prioritize individuals through a demand-driven model. Our goal is to be the ultimate whole health resource, providing students with the tools and support they need to thrive.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be the premier and most sought-after whole health provider for higher education, recognized for our comprehensive support, high utilization, and establishment of best practices.

Our Team


Rick Atkin

Chief Executive Officer



Tasha McNamee

VP of Operations



Beth Haggett

Chief Wellness Officer


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Jeremiah Riley

Chief Revenue Officer



Wellness Coach Coordinator